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The NEW Tsubaki KabelSchlepp Cable program allows for an off-the-shelf offering of a wide variety of continuous flex cables which are cost effective and extremely durable.  ...more info

TSUBAKI's KABELSCHLEPP Division supplies steel, high-grade stainless steel, solid plastic cable carriers and hybrid cable carriers with aluminum stays and plastic sidebands, in standard sizes or tailor-made to an individual customer’s exact size and application requirements.

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Our hi-flex, continuous-bending cables have been developed from the ground up, optimized, and tested for use in cable carrier systems. Even in the most exacting conditions, they provide the performance and reliability that matters – and at reasonable prices.

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The TOTALTRAX program supplies complete, fully-harnessed cable carrier systems saving the end user both time and money. Ready-to-install cable carriers with the cables already inserted up to a full complex system, i.e. with divider systems, cables, plugs and connectors, guide channels, support trays, support structures and other related accessories.

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KABELSCHLEPP has a global commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in our industry. Our highly trained staff of technical specialists is standing by to assist you!

 North American Sales & Support         
For immediate personal assistance in North America, contact our dedicated sales and technical support department toll-free at 1.800.443.4216 (7am to 6 pm CST) or click here anytime to submit a request electronically.

 Global Sales & Support                        KabelSchlepp has an extensive global sales and support network to provide local service when and where you need it most. For direct assistance outside of North America, please see the KS Global Sales & Support Contacts page to find out how to reach the nearest sales and support contact in your region.

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KABELSCHLEPP offers a complete range of accessories to enhance and compliment its cable and hose carrier systems.

     Strain Relief Devices
     Support Trays
     Guide Channels
     Support Rollers
     Long Travel Systems
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From standard to super-duty, KabelSchlepp provides drag chains (cable & hose carriers) designed to stand up to the harsh environment and heavy loads commonly found on offshore drilling platforms and similar applications. KabelSchlepp offers a wide range of time tested and proven systems that are highly customizable to the specific requirements of each unique application.

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 KABELTRAX for Automotive  Guide-Way Protection

KABELTRAX, LLC, a member of the KABELSCHLEPP Group, designs and manufactures cable carrier systems that have been custom engineered to meet the demanding requirements for on-vehicle use for managing cables and wires that require motion. As an automotive supply chain partner to many of today's leading auto manufacturers, KabelSchlepp understands the unique requirements of the automotive industry. Contact KABELTRAX for an application review and analysis. 

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Guideway protection

KABELSCHLEPP supplies fully developed, safe systems that protect guide-ways, spindles and axles from contamination and damage. Our guide-way protection solutions thus avoid expensive down times and facilitate optimal production processes.

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Virtual Trade Show : Get a look at the exciting INNOVATIONS recently unveiled by KabelSchlepp.
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Easily design cable carrier systems with downloadable CAD files using our intuitive new online design tool. Design expertise at the click of a mouse.


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